Comics and Doing Your Best

So I absolutely love the web comic xkcd.  Admittedly, sometimes, their comics are a little crass and crude.  Those I usually just skip.  But today’s comic has a very appropriate speech given by “Zombie Marie Curie”.  In essence, don’t strive to be just like someone that has done something extraordinary.  But rather, while striving to do something great, realize that you are not alone in your pursuits.

There is no benefit to being the next anything.  Not the next Michael Jordan, the next Marie Curie, or the next Ghandi.  Don’t strive to emulate the best or most influential.  But rather strive to be the best you can be and join the ranks of others that were the best they could be.  Only then will you be truly accepted as worthy of joining them.

The original comic is here.

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