2013 Goal Report

So I am running a little behind on my 2013 report, but here it is:


  1. Contribute to one open-source project – Contributed to ViciDial
  2. Release one open-source project
  3. Write a conference talk
  4. Submit a talk to at least one CFP – Submitted to 3 different conferences.
  5. Learn Python – Still working on.
  6. Attend at least one conference – Was unable to get this to work with my time/finance constraints
  7. Attend at least one user group meeting – The user group in Houston has become defunct.
  8. Write one development blog post each month – As can be seen, this feel flat as well.
  9. Learn Jenkins / Ant integration


  1. Attend Wood Badge
  2. Develop 2 last minute Pack Meeting plans


  1. Initiate Github account for distributing tools
  2. Write at least 5 blog posts

I will post my 2014 goals within the next day or two, and will perform better this coming year than in 2013.  Thanks for the support.

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