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2013 Goals

My goals for 2013 are as follows. Professional Contribute to one open-source project Release one open-source project Write a conference talk Submit a talk to at least one CFP Learn Python Attend at least one conference Attend at least one … Continue reading

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My vimrc

My vimrc file I am putting this here as a backup location and for future reference. In the near future, it will be put into git and linked to there. Script // Moved to github here:

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Interesting result

I came across an article on Hacker News with an interesting title – “Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity”. ¬†Should be an interesting read, I thought. ¬†Besides, this guy always has good articles. So I clicked … Continue reading

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Project Euler Problem 10 – Revisited (PHP)

Problem 10 The sum of the primes below 10 is 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 17. Find the sum of all the primes below two million. Script Execution Time: 22.5509 seconds Changes Basically, all math functions went … Continue reading

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Class for form creation

My Form Builder Class This class is designed to generate an HTML form using the following elements: Textboxes (with and without labels) Password Boxes (with and without labels) Check Boxes Radio Buttons The class is set up to allow for … Continue reading

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Project Euler Problem 13 (PHP)

Problem 13 Work out the first ten digits of the sum of the following one-hundred 50-digit numbers. 37107287533902102798797998220837590246510135740250 46376937677490009712648124896970078050417018260538 74324986199524741059474233309513058123726617309629 91942213363574161572522430563301811072406154908250 23067588207539346171171980310421047513778063246676 89261670696623633820136378418383684178734361726757 28112879812849979408065481931592621691275889832738 44274228917432520321923589422876796487670272189318 47451445736001306439091167216856844588711603153276 70386486105843025439939619828917593665686757934951 62176457141856560629502157223196586755079324193331 64906352462741904929101432445813822663347944758178 92575867718337217661963751590579239728245598838407 58203565325359399008402633568948830189458628227828 80181199384826282014278194139940567587151170094390 35398664372827112653829987240784473053190104293586 86515506006295864861532075273371959191420517255829 71693888707715466499115593487603532921714970056938 54370070576826684624621495650076471787294438377604 53282654108756828443191190634694037855217779295145 36123272525000296071075082563815656710885258350721 45876576172410976447339110607218265236877223636045 17423706905851860660448207621209813287860733969412 … Continue reading

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