2013 Goals

My goals for 2013 are as follows.


  1. Contribute to one open-source project
  2. Release one open-source project
  3. Write a conference talk
  4. Submit a talk to at least one CFP
  5. Learn Python
  6. Attend at least one conference
  7. Attend at least one user group meeting
  8. Write one development blog post each month
  9. Learn Jenkins / Ant integration


  1. Attend Wood Badge
  2. Develop 2 last minute Pack Meeting plans


  1. Initiate Github account for distributing tools
  2. Write at least 5 blog posts

I will make it through this, and will update according to my progress.

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Mandates vs. Freedom: “Land of the Free”?

I believe liberals want the best for this country, I really do. I believe they have good intentions, but do they want a freedom of conscience? They seem to always want the government to force people and institutions to abide by their own political agendas that may, in the end, go against people’s values.

From The College Conservative

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My vimrc

My vimrc file

I am putting this here as a backup location and for future reference. In the near future, it will be put into git and linked to there.

// Moved to github here: https://github.com/jthayne/dotfiles
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Obama Inspires Gun Ownership

The Greatest Gun Salesman In America: President Barack Obama [INFOGRAPHIC]
Via: Ammo.net

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PIPA Response from a Senator

During the protests regarding SOPA/PIPA, I put my name down on a few lists to contact my Senators and Representatives to let them know my feelings on the matter. I have now received the scripted replies to those notes and feel like I ought to share them here.

The most disappointing response came from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Her response is as follows:
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Interesting result

I came across an article on Hacker News with an interesting title – “Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity”.  Should be an interesting read, I thought.  Besides, this guy always has good articles.

So I clicked on the link.  And instead of a nice article, I got the following message instead:

I thought that text could be considered highly appropriate.  What do you think?  (By the way, there actually is an article there.  This was just a fluke)

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