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Morality of Death and War

I have debated saying anything on the topic as it has produced some very heated and frankly disgusting arguments and debates among friends and others.  However, I feel that I need to voice my thoughts on the subject. The Conflict … Continue reading

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PIPA Response from a Senator

During the protests regarding SOPA/PIPA, I put my name down on a few lists to contact my Senators and Representatives to let them know my feelings on the matter. I have now received the scripted replies to those notes and … Continue reading

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Legal and Moral Ramifications of Marriage Laws

I know this is a pretty hot topic, but I wanted to put out my thoughts regarding it. I came across this article while reading about a programming issue.  It primarily discusses California’s Proposition 8 (also known as the “California … Continue reading

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Artists That Are Worth Their Salt

While writing my last post, I came across the following quote in the Huffington Post. If the artist is worth his or her salt, then chances he or she has probably done something outre or controversial. This is insanity at … Continue reading

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Programmer Tasks Defined

What are the most common tasks performed by a corporate programmer?  There is a list posted here. Particularly appropriate, in my mind are the following items from the list: Explaining downtime to users/higher ups Contributing solutions to strangers’ problems Searching … Continue reading

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