Running a Cub Scout pack.

As the Cubmaster of a Cub Pack, I am responsible along with the Assistant Cubmaster and the Pack Committee to deliver a quality program for the boys.  As part of that job, we need to have trained leaders to run the various dens and programs needed for successful development of the boys.  In a typical pack, those leaders come as a result of parent volunteers.  However, as leader of an LDS Pack, the recruitment of leaders is quite different.

The LDS church works off pure volunteerism.  The church leaders ask each individual to fill a specific roll within the congregation.  Some positions require a fair amount of work (such as the leader of a group — Primary President, etc.).  Others require only some work and typically only on specific days (a teacher only teaches on Sunday even though they may prepare on other days).  Included in those positions are the leaders of the Scouting program (both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts).

In the Cub Scout program, we are required to have the following positions filled:

  • Cubmaster
  • Committee Chair
  • Committe Member (at least 1)
  • Webelos Den Leader
  • Pack Den Leader

The following are highly recommended positions to have filled:

  • Assistant Cubmaster
  • Assistant Webelos Den Leader
  • Assistant Pack Den Leader

And lest we forget the following positions that make life even easier (splitting the Pack Den Leader position):

  • Bear Den Leader
  • Assistant Bear Den Leader
  • Wolf Den Leader
  • Assistant Wolf Den Leader

Because of the differences between the Wolf/Bear and Webelos programs, they really need to be run separately.  Add to that the BSA requirements of two-deep leadership, and the highly recommended positions suddenly become required.  As a result, there are a total of 8 positions that need to be filled.  At the end of the school year last year, we had all roles filled.  Between then and now, the Webelos Den Leader and the Assistant Pack Den Leader have moved away.  Additionally, the Pack Den Leader has had some conflicts come up that will prevent him from being able to run the den.

That leaves us down by 3.  Add into that that the Committee chair is only in that position by name only.  We are left with Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Assistant Webelos Den Leader, and Committee Members.  Add in a Cub Scout with special needs that requires 1 on 1 assistance from one of the positions, and there are nowhere near enough people to run the program.

As an LDS pack, we require the leaders of the congregation to supply us with leaders.  They are the ones that ask the members to be a leader in the Cub Scout program.

But how do you handle it when the leaders refuse to ask people and the parents refuse to volunteer?  We don’t want to shut the pack down, but we don’t have the manpower to run it.  It is a frustrating position to be in.  Hopefully we will make ti through without too much scarring.

After all, the Cub Scout motto is: “Do Your Best”.

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