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WordPress Management

In this position, I have a lot of WordPress management to do.  We have 250+ WordPress sites (and growing).  Management of that many sites has been a nightmare to say the least.  The savior has been two programs. The first … Continue reading

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New Job

So long time since last posting, but I have a great new job finally.  For once, I actually enjoy the job itself, not just the company or the benefits.  This hasn’t been the case for the last 5+ years.  It … Continue reading

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Updated .vimrc

I have updated my vimrc file and posted the updated file to

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2014 Goals

I think my goals from last year were a little too ambitious, so I have pared it down a little to the following: Professional Contribute to one open-source project Submit a talk to at least one CFP Learn Python Write … Continue reading

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Obama Inspires Gun Ownership


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PIPA Response from a Senator

During the protests regarding SOPA/PIPA, I put my name down on a few lists to contact my Senators and Representatives to let them know my feelings on the matter. I have now received the scripted replies to those notes and … Continue reading

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